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Meet Fiona
Creator of the Bump Room Beyond Birth Programme.


Fiona is a chartered physiotherapist who has specialised in women’s health for over 10 years, and has worked in Ireland, both in private practice and in a large maternity hospital. This has given her a deep understanding, and experience in managing all types of post birth issues. In 2012, she completed a masters in pelvic floor dysfunction which further expanded her knowledge on the effects of childbirth on a woman’s body. She has a real passion for working with new mums and designing exercise programmes to guide them back to their full strength. Fiona works with new mums, and mums with older children with diastasis (separation of the tummy muscles), bladder dysfunction, pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, pelvic pain and prolapse from Kerry Physiotherapy in Killarney.

There is a lot of misinformation on returning to exercise after having a baby and Fiona feels strongly about providing all mums a safe place to exercise after having a baby that respects and restores the body. She is a certified ante and post natal pilates instructor and has taught post natal pilates classes in Cork and Killarney since 2009.


  • BSc Physiotherapy UCD 2005
  • Certified APPI pilates instructor with specialist ante natal and post natal training.
  • Lectured on DCU Nursing Masters Module: Managing Continence in Clinical Practice.
  • Post graduate Certificate: Continence for Physiotherapists from University of Bradford.
  • MSc Evidence Based Practice from University College Cork.
  • Research Project: Physiotherapy following Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries. Published in the ACPWH Journal. Conference Presentation: ACPWH Conference, Bristol 2013.
  • Poster presentations ISCP conference:
  • The effects of a six week post natal pilates class on pelvic girdle pain.
  • The effect of a rehabilitation class on post natal diastasis of the rectus abdominins
  • An Audit of pelvic floor symptoms experienced by women at six weeks following obstetric anal sphincter injury.

Courses that Have Shaped Fiona’s Practice:

  • Female Athlete: Ready for Impact. Julie Wiept
  • International Urogynae Conference, Dublin 2013.
  • Visceral Mobilisation Level 1 and 2. Ramona Horton.
  • Advanced Urogynaecological Course for Physiotherapists. Michelle Lyons.
  • Fascial release for Structural Balance: Fans of the Hips and The thorax and abdomen. Anatomy Trains.
  • Changing the Pelvic Floor Using Manual Therapy and Realtime Ultrasound. Maeve Whelan and Ruth Jones.
  • The Confident Physio’s Guide to Floor and Core Training. Mary O’Dwyer.
  • Pelvic Floor Examination and Assessment for Urinary Incontinence. ACPWH.
  • Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction Workshop. Pelvic Partnership.
  • Certificate in Spinal Manual Therapy. Manual Concepts.
  • Functional Rehabilitation of the Lower Limb. David Fitzgerald.

 “I love working with post natal women, it is both challenging and rewarding at the same time”


Collaborating With The Bump Room

Fiona and Ailish (The Bump Room) formed a strong friendship, through their love of exercise and good food, while working in Cork University Hospital after graduation with BSc in physiotherapy in 2005. While Ailish moved back to Tipperary and Fiona to Kerry (marrying their respective farmers) they maintained regular catch ups.
On one of their annual catch ups the lack of trustworthy, accurate postnatal exercise advice came up. Fiona expressed a wish to create an online post natal exercise programme, that was safe yet challenging but did not feel she had the tech skills to do so. Ailish, having created the hugely successful Bump Room online pregnancy exercises classes, knew that Fiona was the perfect fit for a collaboration and that together they could make it happen. This is how the Bump Room Beyond Birth was born.

Like you, Fiona is a busy mum trying to find the balance between raising two beautiful girls, working and while keeping herself strong and healthy. She realises how truly exhausting and challenging it is to get back to pre pregnancy fitness and strength, and doing this without inviting injury to the lower back and recovering pelvic floor is a real challenge.

Women need special attention getting back to fitness after having a baby and Fiona wants to give women access to a medically safe exercise program without having to leave their own home. Strength is at the heart of the programme and the focus is to build your body  back up from the inside out. . 

Ailish (Co-founder of The Bump Room)

I met Fiona first when we worked together in a large acute hospital in 2005. We really connected and even when I moved on to a different job we stayed in close contact (she was my only work colleague to attend my wedding). I knew Fiona was starting to become more specialist in women’s health and knowing her work ethic I wasn’t surprised that she quickly became the Senior in Women’s Health in large city hospital. In the meantime, I was attempting to to teach post natal classes for all the ladies that were attending The Bump Room classes but I hit a major block. It was impossible to have one class that was suitable for all women who had such a variety of post natal experiences. Apart from the difference in c-section and normal delivery needs, there was also the women who had issues with ongoing pelvic pain, diastasis recti and/or pelvic floor continence issues. Then there were also the women who had a very straight forward pregnancy/recovery and needed to be challenged more. I also felt there was a clear need for a specialist women’s health physio to be involved. I found it impossible to run a safe and effective class for everyone so for that reason I stopped.

I was happy to continue with the bump room classes but did think I wasn’t providing a full service to the ladies that attended if we couldn’t look after them postnatally too.

BUT then.. Fiona and I had a conversation and she said that now she really wanted to put together an online programme for post natal women. Needless to say I pleaded with her to do it under our brand as I knew the calibre of her work and her commitment. She agreed.. and I am thrilled to say that Fiona went above and beyond in the content of this programme. She looks after every woman safely. No matter what type of delivery, previous issues and ongoing issues, everyone is catered for. I know it took Fiona a lot of work, time and commitment to put this content together. I am very grateful she did it because now I have something to offer to my women who attend the bump room classes and will get them back to full strength.

Thanks Fiona!

Ailish (The Bump Room)

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